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• As we enter start our guided Soweto tour,we drive through affluent suburb of Diepkloof extension. Compare the different houses: Mansions of the rich to the matchbox houses, elephant houses and informal settlements of the less fortunate!.

• On route to our first stop, view structures reminiscent of South Africa’s Apartheid past. Stop close to the old mine worker compounds.

• Join your guide for a brief experience of the Baragwanath taxi ranks and markets. Experience general urban life and culture in a black township. Some of the things you may see include: colourful markets, ladies carrying goods on their head, the local barber shop, “spaza” or informal shops, ladies doing their washing, donkey carts carrying coal, local home made beer brewing, traditional restaurants, traditional medicine and traditional healers, taxi commuters using local sign language to communicate with the driver, etc.

• You will get a chance to meet the people of Soweto. Your guide will stop at Motswaledi or Kliptown informal settlements, where you experience life in a Squatter camp. Visit a traditional shack in the Informal settlement. A small donation will be asked for in exchange the humble honour of taking pictures inside the persons home!

• Visit the Regina Mundi Catholic church. This church was mainly used for political meetings and gatherings during the apartheid era. The church used to be a safe haven for children escaping police brutality. Funeral services of many political victims were held here, hence its historical importance.

• Your guide will point out sites of the student uprisings that started in 1976.

• A guided tour of the Hector Petersen Memorial Square, (Museum on Full day tour only). The Hector Pieterson memorial and museum has been established to preserve the history and memory of all those who were involved in the Soweto uprising of 16 June 1976. The museum is named after 13 year old Hector Pieterson, who was among the first
student victims to die from police shootings. The memorial to Hector Pieterson is situated a few hundred meters from where he was shot. The museum houses photographic and audio-visual displays of the struggle of the youth against the injustices of apartheid.
The Hector Petersen Memorial, close to the Mandela home was dedicated by US President Bill Clinton on his visit to Soweto in March 1998. The memorial is flanked by a museum, a library, an art gallery, a photographic and video exhibition and a theatre. Join us for a guided tour of the Museum. Learn more about the ’76 uprisings in Soweto, the struggle against apartheid, the black consciousness movement and the daily and ordinary lives of the people in Soweto.

• Then on to our famous previous president, the house where Mr Nelson Mandela lived before he was imprisoned in 1964. We shall go on a guided tour of his former house(30m).

• After this experience we drive past the current homes of Desmond Tutu and Winnie Mandela.

• Visit a restaurant for lunch(Full day only). Enjoy a traditional African buffet meal. tourists Shebeens were born during the period when the apartheid government denied African people the right to consume liquor unless they could prove they had passed 10 years of schooling. They might then apply for a permit for no more than six bottles of beer and a bottle of spirits a month. This action saw shebeens formed by professional bootleggers. In 1988, shebeens were granted licences to sell liquor and are now run as taverns and nightclubs.

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